[sems-general] Mad Maker Tuesdays - 7-9pm

John Ronan jpronans at gmail.com
Mon May 12 19:19:12 IST 2014

On 12/05/14 17:54, Martin Walshe wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Now the renovations are largely complete we will be starting a weekly 
> meeting in the space for people to work on projects. As such Mad Maker 
> Tuesdays will now be running from 7-9pm every Tuesday at the South 
> East Makerspace, 4 Thomas Hill, Waterford (the old Munster Express 
> printing press).
> This is an opportunity to bring your projects, whatever it is you are 
> tinkering on and work on them in a group environment. This could be 
> anything from hardware hacking, digital or interactive art, 
> programming, sound art, circuit bending, photography or knitting. The 
> list is endless. If you are not working on anything in particular why 
> not just come along, meet up, share ideas and most importantly, have 
> some fun.?
> Some of the projects being worked on at the moment are:
>   * Quadcopter build planning
>   * Software defined radio & aerial construction
>   * WiFi mesh network
>   * Autonomous robotic car
> Hope to see you there.
> Regards,
> Martin.

Nice list,

I'm not going to make the next few Tuesdays due to other commitments, 
but I do have an interest in SDR (I've a HackRF ordered), and two RTL 
based Cheapo's. I also have an interest in WiFi Mesh networking. So I 
would be interested in helping out/sharing info in those two areas.  
Lets not mention a Quadcopter, a "linux user" magazine from a few months 
back had an article about a Pi based quadcopter.


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