[sems-general] Mad Maker Tuesdays - 7-9pm

Martin Walshe martin.walshe.irl at gmail.com
Mon May 12 17:54:55 IST 2014

Hi everyone,

Now the renovations are largely complete we will be starting a weekly 
meeting in the space for people to work on projects. As such Mad Maker 
Tuesdays will now be running from 7-9pm every Tuesday at the South East 
Makerspace, 4 Thomas Hill, Waterford (the old Munster Express printing 

This is an opportunity to bring your projects, whatever it is you are 
tinkering on and work on them in a group environment. This could be 
anything from hardware hacking, digital or interactive art, programming, 
sound art, circuit bending, photography or knitting. The list is 
endless. If you are not working on anything in particular why not just 
come along, meet up, share ideas and most importantly, have some fun.?

Some of the projects being worked on at the moment are:

  * Quadcopter build planning
  * Software defined radio & aerial construction
  * WiFi mesh network
  * Autonomous robotic car

Hope to see you there.

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