[sems-general] January South East Makerspace Meet-up

Martin Walshe martin.walshe.irl at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 14:18:00 GMT 2014

Hi South East Makerspacers,

The next monthly meeting is on this Saturday, 11/01 in Revolutions bar 
at 4pm.

There are no talks this month as we instead need to focus on getting a 
purchase order drawn up and agreed for items for the renovation of the 
space as well as several other admin tasks. If anyone has a talk they 
might be interested in giving for February please contact me off list.

Any new members that are looking to join do feel free to come along. We 
need all the help we can get at the moment with the space for cleaning 
and fixing it up (especially if you also happen to be an electrician or 

The agenda for this meeting is:

  * Secretary update
  * Treasurer update
    Space update
      o Muster Express building preparations for the following month
      o Purchase order, discuss the purchase order for Morris's DIY and
        items to include.
  * Health And Safety Review
  * Meetings Location, suggestion of moving monthly meetings to the
    Muster Express Building
  * Setup a emergency contact number
  * GaelHack 2014 - get involved with organizing and promoting next
    years event.

See you there.

SEMS Secretary.
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