[sems-general] February South East Makerspace Meet-up

Martin Walshe martin.walshe.irl at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 14:08:25 GMT 2014

Hi everyone,

The next monthly meeting is on this Saturday, 08/02 in Revolutions bar 
at 4pm.

There are no talks this month as we have been focusing on getting the 
space renovated and usable as quick as possible. There is still some 
work to be done but we are definitely making progress. If anyone has a 
talk they might be interested in giving for March please contact me off 

The agenda for this meeting is:

  * Secretary update
  * Treasurer update
    Space update
      o Overview of tasks complete
      o Remaining tasks
  * Health And Safety Review
    SAW Fest project ideas
    Waterford mesh network project

See you there.

SEMS Secretary.

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